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Sojos (short for Sojourner Farms) is  a blend of yummy wholesome grains, herbs, nuts and sea vegetables your dog will love.  It's a European style pet food that you mix with fresh meat, and voila! - your own homemade meal for your dog.  As well as meat, you can also add veges (raw or steamed) and even occasional, nourishing, leftovers.

There are NO fillers, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors, flavors, or anything.  There's NO cooking and NO pelletization which rob the food of its crucial nutrients and enzymes.  Wow!  What a marked difference to those supermarket brands.  (For the shocking story on the average commercial dogfood, make sure you read all about commercial dog food ingredients and practices - here.

No, Sojos uses only wholesome, all-natural, human-quality ingredients - steamed rolled oats flakes, rye flakes, yellow corn meal, wheat flakes, ground pecans, carob powder, dried kelp, parsley leaves, nettle leaves and kelp.  Sounds good enough to eat, doesn't it?

And even though Sojos looks pretty expensive when you compare it by weight to other dry dog food, because it doesn't contain fillers, it lasts much longer than any other commercial dog food.  You can expect Sojos to last two to three times as long as the same size bag of the average dry dog food.

Preparation takes only a few minutes.  You just add water and leave for 15 minutes or more before serving to your dog.  And if you want to make up several days' food at a time, you can keep four days' worth in your refrigerator in a sealed container, or you can make up larger quantities and freeze them.  It's a hundred times better than the commercial garbage, and your dog's improved health will be the proof.

And if you like to give your dog some treats, Sojos also produces a hand-baked flaky, crunchy treat your dog won't be able to resist.  They're made with nutritious human-quality whole wheat pastry flour, sunflower and sesame seeds, kelp and blackstrap molasses.  These crunchy treats come in three delicious flavors - plain, garlic, and peanut butter.  Your dog won't want to stop at one!  Or two, or three ...

Visit Sojos (Sojourner Farms), and learn more about their fresh foods program for your dog, and how you can make all-natural, homemade dog food in minutes.  (Click on the banner below):

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